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I would try not to worry. Really. You have excellent chances once you see/hear the heartbeat. Remember, a 5% chance of miscarriage at this point means a 95% chance if a healthy pregnancy. Doesn't that sound better?

Now, I had a miscarriage after seeing the heartbeat. It does happen, and it's horrible. We knew something was up, though--the beat was slow (100bpm) and irregular. If your baby's sounded good, there's further reason to try to relax.

Believe me, I understand the fear. I checked my tp constantly for all of my pregnancies, and I worried a lot. But, please, don't let the fear consume you. Enjoy the new life growing inside you; cherish each moment you have. Chances are, you'll be snuggling with a baby next year. Pregnancy is fleeting--try not to spend it miserable. No one can tell you what will happen, and any tiny chance of a problem is enough to make a mama worry. It's okay. It's normal. But, try to focus on all the'll feel a bit better that way.
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