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This group is designed for those of us over 30 yrs of age. We have a different TTC journey than our younger counterparts & many of us encounter challenges along the way to our coveted BFP. We invite all to join us as we offer advice, support & encouragement to each other thru these challenges, as well as celebrating those joyful BFPs.

While this thread is not necessarily labeled as a "struggling TTC" thread, we do ask that if you choose to join us that you remain mindful of the challenges that many of our members are experiencing when posting about BFPs. We are excited to celebrate everyone's BFP, though it can often be a sensitive issue for those for whom it has not been so easy.

We hearing from our graduates & hope you are having a HH9M!!! But we ask that you please take the time to catch up on posts, taking note of current losses before posting your pregnancy updates. If any of our sweet mommas are experiencing a loss in the current thread, please consider posting your updates at a different time.

I'll try to update your status daily, but let me know if I missed you! If I don't hear from you for a few weeks I'll take you off the list. Just post with an update to be re-added.

Question of the week:Have you ever done the necklace test? Here's a link to the thread about how to do it... necklace test. Were your results accurate thus far? Did it give you more kids than you're planning?
If you haven't done it, check out the link & post your results. This is just for fun!

Anyone can answer the question! And if you have suggestions for the QOTW send me a PM.

In RED, tell me:
Your handle (and your name and/or age if you'd like)
Where you are in your cycle or if you're waiting for AF to return
Whether you are actively TTC or waiting right now.
**I will look for a change in your status in red throughout the week.**

mommyfrog (Jeanie) age 37
CJsNatureMomma (Heidi) age 30
SBGangelJC (Lisa) age 32
achickadeeandme age 35
Jubilee (Sarah) age 31

Love4leon (Rebecca) age 37
jesajane (Joy) age 35
Mamatoabunch (Annabelle) age 38
Savagemamma (Pam) age 32
carlycurry (Carly) age 30
TinaDeanette (Tina) age 30
beckstar (Becky) age 37
MyGloryLife (Minda) age 33
photocat (Cat) age 39
geetabean (Gina) age 32
sasra_nu (Sarah) age 32
discgolfnmom (Mandi) age 31
mvp529 (Misty) age 35
hokoonchi (Camilla) age 30
mixed_chica (Purly) age 30
c&w's mama age 36

812ajack (Alicia) age 35
babygirls2 (Kim) age 31 BFP 9/22
txmommytobe age34 BFP 9/23
tedcgh (Tiffany) age 30
momto2princesses (Kirra) age 33
craigwick (Heidi) age 32
NewbieSAHM (Amber) age 31
willownz (Helen) age 32 BFP 10/3
JCPACandMommy (Carissa) age 31 BFP 10/2
carriek38 (Carrie) age 33
Leaner age 34
TonyKariTony (Karina) age 33
happymom (Beth) age 35
ardeur (Jessie) age 30
SpartyGuard (Sarah) 32

Augusthope (Rachel) age 31
Craftin'Diva (Jeri) age 31
sydjackmom (Laura)
Rachelrhin0 (30)
HeatherMac603 (Heather) age 30
cormama (Corinne) age 35
Maddalena (April) age 37
fishingfor5 (Tori) age 40

katiecornflakes (Kate) age 31
Slyfox (Robin) age 40
kricket24 (Kristen) age 30
leviandgarettsmom (Deanna) age 40
Kap7270 (Kristin) age 35
newmommy13 (Ingrid) age 31
Mirnavela (Monika) age 30
Layney82 age 30
Bee21 age 30
tandiwe76 age 35

Scrapandsewon (Nichole) EDD 6/18/12
rosenfried2 (Amanda) age 32 EDD 7/18/12
Steenerson7 (Tawnya) age 37 EDD 8/26/12
trammellyfamily (Erin) age 32 EDD 9/7/12
omahonycm (Marie) EDD 9/8/12
Fluffybunsdiapers (Alicia) age 30 EDD 9/15/12
daddyn4wisechix (Erica) Age 38 EDD 9/14/12
QHoneyB (Honey) age 32 EDD 9/20/12
OldandNew (Griffin) age 32 EDD 9/25/12
Sheaholt (Shea) age 31 EDD 10/12
Kymdenise (Kim) EDD 10/8/12
faithandhope (Tiffany) age 35 EDD 10/22/12
MomdeIsla (Michelle) age 36 EDD 10/21/12
Sageac (Sage) age 30 EDD 10/27/12
Joyful Tie Dyes (Leslie) age 40 EDD 11/4/12
MrsA08 (Suzy) age 30 EDD 11/12/12
fitbaby1 (Chris) age 32 EDD 11/25/12
sparkygirl74 (Shannon) EDD 11/30/12
taralynnel (Tara) age 35 EDD 11/11/12 with b/g twins
shastalocke (Shasta) age 33 EDD 12/05/12
My2sweets age 31 EDD 12/21/12
Harmony96 (Andrea) age 33 EDD 12/27/12
american_mommy (Tammy) age 35 EDD 1/24/13
cristy_1996 age 33 EDD 1/24/13
newtocloth2 (Andrea) age 31 EDD 2/10/13
My_Tree_Grows age 30 EDD 2/13/13
yellowdog (Amanda) age 37 EDD 3/1/13
TS8213 (Trace) age 31 EDD 3/7/13
Christylkeller (Christy) age 36 EDD 3/15/13
hcokasil (Lisa) age 32 EDD 3/15/13
amb2j (April) age 30 EDD 3/10/13
amcess721 (Andrea) age 31 EDD 3/25/13
rverrone (Rina) age 33 EDD 4/5/13
Sylvie89 (Kaycie) age 37 EDD 5/1/13
adensmom (Latisa) age 36 EDD 5/27/13
Elsie Cayare (Lindsey) age 30 EDD 6/2/13

Click here to see common acronyms used in this thread.

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