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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 1-Oct. 7

It's October! This is my favorite month of the year, though this one is going to tougher than year's past. My March M/C dd is coming up the end of this month...10/28. I was so hoping to be pregnant by the time it got here. Not that it would've lessened the loss, but hopefully the pain & sadness. Going to try to plan a lot of fun things with DD & DS. I think DD & I will try to take DS to all the local pumpkin patches & maybe (and that's a big maybe) I'll go through the haunted theme park with DD. It is a huge local attraction this time of year & she is a major haunted house/scary movie junkie. I am SO not. But I am determined to not let my losses (actually, my very 1st loss in '92 was due in Oct. too...yes, I am that old lol) consume me during my favorite time of year. Prayers & positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated. OK...sad time over!

QOTW: This is not something I put a whole lot of belief in, but it is pretty neat. I guess if I wanted to put some stock into it, it would give me hope because not only was it accurate up to this point, it also said I have one more coming-a girl. My results were G-B-G. It is crazy watching it. The movements & stops are VERY distinct. Can't wait to see everyone's results.
ETA: According to other's results, as well as my own, it doesn't count losses.

Slyfox... If you're wanting to join just let me know your age to post with your username on our list. Your real name is optional, but age is required. Also, where you are in your TTC journey...waiting to ovulate? Two week wait? If you haven't actually started yet, I can add you as a cheerleader until you are ready to officially start.
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