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QOTW: My kids live in costumes, so it is still up on the air what they will wear. It changes several times a day, and my 3yo is always angling for more costumes. Most likely they will be a superhero, maybe scooby characters. I don't know if I'll dress up this year. I doubt we will go anywhere other than church and MAYBE a few houses on our street. Oh, and J hasn't stopped talking about going to the mall last year (brings it up several times a week still), so we will need to let them show off their costumes at the mall.

AFM: feeling more Human all the time. Found out last Thursday that we are having a third son (YAY!). that makes planning super easy. I did give away all 0-18m clothes and most baby gear, but we are set on a lot of stuff.

We had our first showing of our house yesterday! Praying for many more and/or an offer. We really want to be settled in to a new (to us) home by the holidays.
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