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Want to use cloth pads but need help. Anyone?

Ok so I've decided to look into using cloth pads instead of disposables but I need some questions answered because I have no idea where to begin. Here are my questions:

Where do you find cloth pads? How many do I need? How much is the average pad? Do they leak more than disposables? Are there heavy flow/ overnight pads? How do you care for and store the dirty pads? [I cloth diaper, so would they be washed with my diapers or separately?] Do they need to be prepped, as with my diapers? What detergent is best? How do you prevent stains? What do you do with the dirty ones when out and about?

I know that is a lot of questions but if anyone could provide me with some guidance I would really appreciate it! I may have more later but that's it for now.
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