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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 1-Oct. 7

Hello ladies,
I'm very new to this forum and been reading off an on most of the morning.
I'm 40 soon be 41 in Nov and for right now on my tww. If not pregnant this cycle I'll be going in for surgeries to hopefully help us get a BFP soon. Reason for surgeries is my endo maybe back of what all been going on. We're trying for our 3rd child. We've got 2 girls one is 14 yrs old & the other one is 18 months old. We've been TTC for our 3rd child for almost a year. When it gets the middle of OCT it will be a year. We're hopeing when get pregnant this time it will be a boy as my loving DH would love have a boy. I'm praying to get a BFP before time go for surgeries. If no BFP then surgeries in the middle of OCT then when can start TTC again will be back on femara but for now praying got a BFP coming.

Hope this is good. Got lots to learn about here. Thank You for the welcomes too.
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