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Originally Posted by JackieMarieVDV
Ok so I've decided to look into using cloth pads instead of disposables but I need some questions answered because I have no idea where to begin. Here are my questions:

Where do you find cloth pads? How many do I need? How much is the average pad? Do they leak more than disposables? Are there heavy flow/ overnight pads? How do you care for and store the dirty pads? Do they need to be prepped, as with my diapers? What detergent is best? How do you prevent stains? What do you do with the dirty ones when out and about?
I can help, I used to make them as a WAGN! You can find them here in the WAHM Wares section or on Hyena Cart / etsy.

How many you need really depends on the length of your cycle and how heavy or light your flow is.

Price depends on the length and absorbancy, and then varies by seller. That's something you'd have to research.

In my experience they do not leak more than disposables, and in fact hardly ever leak if you have the proper length and absorbancy!

Yes, there are heavy/overnight pads!

You can buy or make a small wetbag to toss the used pads in. Then wash them separate or with diapers, whatever you prefer!

Yes, I would wash and dry them at least once before using them.

Detergent is a matter of personal preference. I use Tide and bleach mine, some people prefer more natural detergents and don't bleach.

The best way to combat staining is to use pads with synthetic fabric, such as minky. But if you prefer natural fabrics such as bamboo velour, its a bit harder to prevent stains. I was never able to totally prevent staining on natural fabrics so I'm no help there!

When out and about, have a small wetbag in your purse. Just toss the pads in there after they are used and have clean ones ready to go!

Hope that helps!
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