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Re: Can you lose your mucus plug after starting to dilate?

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
With two of my three, I generally lost it in one big glob about a week before, but then little bits here and there for that entire week.

But, I will say that my experience with those says that the "OMG, something is going to happen VERY soon" feeling isn't something that I would easily dismiss. I just KNEW I was having a baby the next day with my first, and with my second, although the feeling was more vague and more of, "something will happen this week" I think the body just knows.
I agree.

While I don't think everyone is always in tune with those feelings, I do think our minds have to be in a certain place for us to give birth, and our minds start preparing us mentally as our body starts gearing up. Also part of our labor, I believe, is psychological.

Example - for some women, labor can stop altogether if they become frightened or suddenly have some sort of emotional upheaval. My labor STOPPED with my DS when my mom came in the room - I was having regular contractions and was dilated to a 5 - and didn't start again for a week. My mom and I have a lot of unresolved past issues and at the time, I was not okay with having her present. I've read other birth stories and research on the subject.

With all of my births, I had my babies when I was most comfortable, and most at peace with the thought of the labor process, and when I was most in tune with my mind and body. I also didn't have them until DH was present, even though there were wide windows everyday when he wasn't there. I really did not WANT to deliver without him, and I actually really do think my mind played a role in when my labor started.

But, I digress. This is a different topic.
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