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Re: The 25lb Challenge October thread

Originally Posted by waterisntsomething View Post
Thats my plan today...I keep getting lazy and having cereal for breakfast.

I was 197 yesterday and now I'm 198! poo. I am going to hope its just b/c i had a salty dinner and then drank a ton of water last night.
I think last nights dinner was too salty too. Tonight's dinner will be better.

Originally Posted by samsmommy View Post
Kimmie, I'm kind of a lurker on here but I noticed that you are doing weight watchers too. I had a problem with constipation awhile back and I contacted a local meetings leader (I am an online subscriber), and she recommended I add in a little bit of fat to help smooth things out. WW healthy guidelines recommended two healthy fats a day, and I know I for one wasnt getting them in. I was eating FF cheese and yogurt, FF milk, and avoided pretty much all other forms of fat. Try adding a little PB or avacado or sautéing your dinner veggies in a little, think tsp, of EVOO. Your body needs some fat to function properly.
Yeah - I do not eat any fat really. I need to start getting some. We will be doing veggies tonight in EVOO. I think that my constipation is making retain water too. Hopefully I can get rid of both soon...LOL!
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