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Re: Can you lose your mucus plug after starting to dilate?

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
Yes, but I like this topic too.

I said above that I was blindsided by going into labor with my son, but looking back, I sort of was and sort of wasn't. I remember we have a VERY tough time getting our crib and nursery furniture, which I needed to really organize the baby stuff. I ended up getting it all and setting up the room the day before I went into labor. I remember telling my mom after we were done that the baby could now come and it would be okay. Also, I had an easy pregnancy with him. I didn't really care if I went over my due date because I was perfectly comfortable and happy being pregnant, but earlier that day I had gone to the bathroom for like the hundredth time. I said, "Okay, I'm sort of getting tired of this now. I'd be okay if I delivered." Both of those things happened and then I went into labor that night. So, while I didn't really sense that I was going to deliver, there was a calm that had come over me. Although, that quickly faded as I was in labor for 44hrs.

With my second deliver, my first set of twins, we were were blindsided though. We had no clue it was coming and I didn't want it quite yet at only 35wks exactly.
I just didn't want to hi-jack your thread. lol.

My DS was born very quickly, in 1.5 hrs. I had a lot of prodromal labor with him for, like 2 wks. (including the time my labor started and got going up to a 5 and then stopped when my mom came in) DH and I had been having a difficult time in our marriage b/c of a lot of things going on. B/c my labor was so short, the MW didn't make it in time, and my DH delivered our son. That experience made us so much closer, and we have this bond now that we never did before. DS was a difficult labor even though it was short. He was 9lbs 3oz and for a couple contrax, he was stuck. DH had the presence of mind to help me move to hands and knees. ... Looking back, it makes my heart swell up so big with pride and happiness that we got to share something so special. I kind of feel like we can weather any storm now. If DS had been born at any time during waking hours, DH would have missed the birth, b/c he was in school and working FT and was gone (over 1 hr away) from 7am-10pm everyday. I think my body and mind knew the stress I was feeling about having him there and that's why my labor started when it did. If DS would have been born a day earlier, my mom would have been present. If he had been born 4 days later, my whole family would have been in town for the birth, and I didn't want to have him when everyone was there.

Similar things happened with the births of my other two kids. But his birth is the most memorable!

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