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Re: What no one tells you about breastfeeding

My biggest thing about breastfeeding is that all the "professionals" said that my nipples would be sore. Well, they lied! IT HURT! My DD had a GREAT latch too, but it still took my nipples a few weeks to adjust!
I've nursed 4 kids now, and still nursing #4.

Set up a spot where you plan to nurse at first. DH got me a super comfy rocking chair that we put in the living room so I could have "my spot" with a side table to have all my extra (water, coconut oil for nipples, extra prefolds because I have a super crazy letdown and needed to soak up the milk so I didn't drown DD) and that's where I retreated for feedings!

Get DH involved. I nursed, he burped/bounced/rocked...

Everything else above I agree with so much!

ETA: Babies don't know about bottles! I've heard some women say "they don't want it" like they prefer a bottle instead. It's all about learning. Just because YOU know how to nurse, doesn't mean the baby does. Each kid takes learning. It may take 10 times to get a good latch in one feeding, but once baby learns, it will a lot smoother after!
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