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New and having trouble

Hi, I'm Becky and I'm new here. Found and registered right away so I could start getting some CDs - I'm new to them too. Anyhow, I figured out what I wanted and in what size and posted interest or questions on some threads. (no replies yet, but hey, maybe they're not on, but...)

I've posted in 7 or so threads, but I still see my post count as "0", which means I can't pm the ones I'm interested in either. Nor was I able to reply to a pm sent to me "because you have less than 6 posts"

concerned that the "0" reflects my posts not coming up, and that I'll not be able to get the diapers. So...

ISO yellow GMD prefolds (maybe some fitteds) and covers for my 2mo 10#er. And if you pm me, please give me your email, as I can't pm you back. :P

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