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Re: Microfleece rocks!

Originally Posted by TrennaII View Post
It sounds like the OP had a LO who was upset about feeling wet at night. Many fleeces let moisture flow right through and keep the surface feeling dry. The absorbent stuff is below. Just like any of our pockets or AIOs with material inside that feels dry.

So... You can just cut fleece in the shape of a liner and lay it in.

A few fleeces repel, and some repel in one direction and not the other.
Yes, that's right. The microfleece itself doesn't absorb, it just lets the liquid through and the fleece itself feels dry. So LO doesn't feel the wet diaper, and therefore doesn't wake me up at 3am. :-)

I just went to Joann Fabrics and got some microfleece, then cut it into strips. Nothing fancy. I got microfleece (as opposed to blizzard fleece, sweatshirt fleece, anti-pill fleece, etc) because other posters on this forum said that is the thing to get. It's 100% polyester. I don't know if the other types of fleece would work, I just got microfleece based on advice from others.

The next challenge will be finding an overnight diapering routine that can hold up all night (we've been changing 2-3 diapers a night until now). But that's a challenge I'm happy to face!
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