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Re: Anyone own a Ninja Kitchen System?

Originally Posted by mel j View Post
What nut butters do you make and how? I have only been successful with peanut butter and sunflower seed butter (though it took a very very long time), but have had no success with coconut butter or almond butter.
I have a tutorial in my siggy for making almond butter (I am JUST starting to get this blog going so that's actually all that is there right now lol) but maybe that will help. Nut butters do take a longer time than most things, but in less than 15 minutues I make nut butter in the Ninja blender. I have a Champion juicer that does butters (not just juices) as well as a Norwalk. I prefer doing the butters in the blender (though I think DH prefers the Norwalk). Give it a try & let me know how it turns out for you (& if the tutorial was helpful/confusing).

How have you tried your coconut butter? I just use shredded coconut in the blender/FP & it takes maybe 5-10 mins depending on how shredded the coconut already is. I buy shredded coconut in bulk & use it to make butter, milk, yogurt, keifer, frosting, cheese...
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