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Re: Please help me with my son..

First, all kids are different. The best advice is to learn what's normal for your child & ignore most others.

I have 2 kids. One was a huge baby, always like 6 mos ahead of his clothing size as a kid, etc. Docs saying I'm feeding him too much etc. He's in elementary school now & is just a tall kid. Not overweight at all.

My youngest was normal size but tall. He has phases where he inhales food & others where he barely eats a thing & I wonder, "Is he getting enough?" He's in school now & just tall & thin but healthy. Docs always telling me to feed him more, give him supplement drinks, etc.

We do happen to see a naturopath & found out he has allergies (gluten is one). Once the diet changed, he grew a bit more (including taller). Coincidence? Who knows, but thought I'd mention it. Could easily be a growth spurt.

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