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Re: Annoyed at church member regarding her statement to me on BFing....Advice?

Originally Posted by juliasmom View Post
I agree with the majority here... there is nothing morally or legally wrong with nourishing your baby in the way He intended in His house. This lady has a very misguided and judgmental viewpoint and it was wrong of her to burden you with it! How old is she and does she have children? Does she have affiliation with the church leadership or pastor? I agree that it doesn't warrant involving the pastor after this one incident, but I think I would have to address it or it would continue to burden my mind and distract me from worship. I would also be concerned that she would say something similar to a less experienced, less confident new mom who would take it to heart and be dissuaded from nursing in church entirely. As I'm not one for confrontation, I think I would write a short and to the point note. I would tell her that her suggestion has resonated with you and you have decided to feed your baby proudly and modestly in the sanctuary as is needed. You can make some simple reference to some bible verses about BFing (I found these I would finish the note by saying you don't wish to discuss this topic any further.

PS The Catholic church I attended as a child has a statue of Mary BFing Jesus in the Peace garden
I believe she is in her mid fifties. She has one daughter that I THINK is a little younger than me. She is a Sunday School teacher, as is her husband. I'm not sure how long she's been a teacher.. we have been at that church for almost 3 years and they were both teachers when we started going there.

She knows that BFing is best (she's an RN actually), she just said that in the church sanctuary is not the "time or the place." I've decided to ignore her. I'll get an actual cover, or I'll nurse in my ring sling, if she says anything else I'll simply say "Look, I heard your "suggestion," but I am not going to leave service to nurse when I am being appropriately modest. I don't want to discuss it anymore."

God bless!
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