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Poll: First Children - TV and Speech

I know this is wholey anecdotal.. but it seems in the circle of people I know, the very verbal children come from homes where TV is less or not at all restricted. The less verbal children (including mine) come from homes where TV is very restricted or not at all available.

I am not suggesting any long term repurcussions due to this. Just curious and it's been on my mind for about a year now, but I've never put up a poll because I've been otherwise distracted.

I am only interested in the first child. Because subsequent children generally either 1) talk early because they hear so much of it from siblings or 2) talk later because the other siblings are already the mouthpiece for them or even 3) just talk early or later because they do.

I'm not suggesting that one is better than the other or asking for debate, but I'd just love to see some numbers.


ETA: for instance, my friend's child who is 2 weeks older than my newly minted 2 yr old - he says things like 'whatcha doin' horsey? eating spinach? No, pooping!' while playing with a toy horse and playdoh. My child would be like 'horse! horse! neigh! neigh!'
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