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Talking Re: Screaming after nursing... :( Help??

I am so sorry Momma! It must be very hard to watch him suffer I have oversupply and overactive letdown (it is very possible to have one without the other BTW and block feeding will help with oversupply but not necessarily fix the fast letdown) and my DD2 also has reflux. DD1 had similar sounding issues with gas from gulping, was very hard to burp and minor food sensitivities, and DD2 had some discomfort from reflux. It is hard to tell this difference because they all just look like a baby in pain honestly Overactive letdown can make the milk flow very quickly and as the baby gulps he swallows air. The fast flow and small stomach capacity means often the gas bubble can be swept into the intestines instead of being burped up and once it leaves the stomach it has to come out the bottom. My LC says gassy babies are soothed by pressure on their stomach given by laying on the tummy...look into infant massage for gas. With DD2 I would usually pump off the first letdown before latching her on (especially if I was full) and I would also burp the heck out of her very frequently. It can help slow the flow to feed when the baby is sleepy and not too hungry, so his suck is less vigorous. If you hear him gulping or choking at all take him off and make sure he burps. You will need lots of burp cloths around to catch the spray. Doing this with my DD2 helped a lot and she never had a problem with gas the way DD1 did. Around 3 months both my girls developed coping techniques to deal with the fast flow (DD1 vented the extra milk she couldn't swallow out of the side of her mouth= MESSY and DD2 clamped down with her gums on my nipple to stop the flow=OUCH.) By 4 or 5 months they were both big enough that they could keep up with the fast flow and it was no longer an issue. For us the food sensitivity usually manifested as a red ring around the anus, fussiness and spitting up. DD2s reflux was not severe enough to require treatment, but she would spit up small amounts frequently and often make this gaspy/stridor sound and choke. It was scary and thank God she outgrew it by about 3 months. I wouldn't hesitate to try Zantac if it could help relieve his pain.
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