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Thumbs up *Autumn gardening chat * Oct-Nov 2012

Hey girls, so if it's ok I think since we've hit the short/off season for the majority of the mamas here we will do a double month Fall (oct, nov) and then winter (Dec, Jan) chat thread for a while? Then when Feb hits and spring prep picks up we can do monthly again.

AFM.. my phrase for the week is ... the leaves are falling! Our trees are turning yellow and some are dropping leaves already. I can see the leaves blowing across the garage roof as I sit here and type. We've dropped temps a lot, thought this week is supposed to be a bit warmer the trees and the animals are telling the tale. The kitties are getting thick coats and the chickens are quite fluffy too! We have lived in this house for 12 years now and I have noticed that when the locust trees turn yellow and hold their leaves into October it will be a heavy snow year. If they all blow away right after they turn dull like last year it will be abnormally warm. So far, it's looking like a wet winter for us which is GOOD!

This week will be my remaining clean up. I have a few tomato plants left over, I clipped them way back and snipped all flowers and small fruits off to get the bigger ones to ripen faster. I have to get the carrots pulled in order to plant the berry canes in their spring location and I need to finish cleanup on the large bed that I plant pumpkins and melons in. I have two silly melons left. We ate the last watermelon last week, and I have a bidwell casaba that is at half slip and another that's about 10" long but hasn't filled out. I also have another watermelon that's about a softball size that I am pretty sure won't make it to full grown so I will sadly have to pull it.

I've gotten a great start on the mulching in the main garden plot though, and I'm really happy about that. The chickens are keeping up their end of the bargain and poopin' like crazy which I've been adding on top.

I also found (check your wal mart!) that wal mart is clearancing the seeds to bring in Christmas stuff so I got a lot of what I had on my needs list for next year for 50-98 cents a package! I got most of my herbs, some lettuces and I even saw some cover crop packs there that I'm SURE they didn't have put out before. They had tons, all in a big box.
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