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Re: Chat Thread ~ Sept 30th-Oct 6th

people want volume?? I use spray wax to weigh my hair down or I have an ultimate fro :P No, I know I'm weird like that, I see the commercials for 'weightless hair products' and I'm like 'no - give me some weight!' My hair looks pretty thick and then hair stylists figure out that it's not thick, it's puffy. Got a lot of air in there or something :P

I swear by regular ol' witchhazel for clear skin. Did miracles on my adult acne skin and it costs like $1.50 and lasts for MONTHS. Doctors told me I'd have to live with a rash on my DD's face and I started wiping her with witchhazel after bath and her mysterious rash went away almost immediately. For me, it's wash, witchhazel, moisturize.

All in all, my skin stays normal through pregnancy. Except those weird dark spots, I get 'the mask'. I have cold sores/fever blisters on my nose right now cause dealing with this move, the birthday party and DH's illness all at once was too stressful. He's been sick for about 5 days now and that makes him a great 'SAHD' for a few days, but meant that I had to pull extra duty clearing out the old house.

Pulled out the doppler the other night because I was freaking out, expected something like 170 like you got, but highest I got was 127. Hoping baby was just really relaxed or something.

and now life is back to normal. I worked late last night with the house, dropped my keys off on the counter, locked the doors and I'm done. Went to the park with friends this morning, lunch, now DD is on naptime. As far as I'm concerned, life is going back to normal. Second trimester though and this nasty metallic taste is still in my mouth.. I thought that disappeared earlier than now.

ETA: oh.. and I have grey hairs and I LOVE them. I do color my hair sometimes, but I always wish that they would resist the color and show up. I don't know why I love them, but I've had them on and off since like kindergarten (maybe cause I'm a high stress person??) and I just like them.
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