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Originally Posted by kbz2002
My daughter was delayed and we only allowed her to watch baby signs for about the first 18 months. Doctor said it was probably because she could still communicate to us without talking since she did sign language.

By 24 months though she passed what she needed to know and then some. Just all clicked. Now if I could only get the silence back on some days...
Signing with babies has been proven to encourage speech development so dont worry, you did her no harm by signing with her. Her delay likely would have happened regardless of the signs. When babies use sign language they are activating the same areas of the brain as spoken language but the motor skills involved in speech comenlater.

As to tv in general correlating with speech delay i believe i read studies suggesting that it affects social behavior and im sure this was measured by speech somehow. I know that tv in young children has been linked to attention disorders and more violent behavior when compared to peers who do not watch tv. This obviously doesnt mean that it will affect every kid who watches tv but if you believe the rules of statistics tv watchers are more likely to have these behaviors.
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