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Haha sorry i missed that! I suppose ill answer the question too fwiw. Dd has cerebral palsy so she has been followed closely by speech therapists since birth. At 23 months when i asked for testing she tested above average for receptive language(by less than 6 months), at average for expressive language and scores were abysmal for articulation. She continues to struggle with articulation. She had no desire to watch tv until about 18 months? she was a velcro baby and just wanted to do what i was doing and be with me. I think right around then she started watching signing time and that was all she would watch for a long time i think until she was 3 when she got into dora a little. She started signing consistantly and approximating speech around a yearish and has been a constant chatterbox since. I dont usually have tv on for myself and she watched maybe 30-60 min/day. I had no idea what to vote so i just voted other lol.
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