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Double Birthday Parties

I keep getting invited to birthday parties for multiple kids.
I see the draw - you share the expense and people who know you both don't have to spend time at 2 parties.

but the people who only know you........... I keep buying a gift for the other kid too and I'm sorta tired of it. I don't know this kid, but it seems rude to bring a gift for 1 and not the other kid. So, I do, but it's getting expensive for random strangers that I don't know and don't usually have time to bond with during a birthday party.

the alternative is just don't go.. but parties are fun (debateable)!

what do you do? Do you always take gifts for both kids? Do you just take a gift for the kid you know? Do you do what I think I'm gonna do and just get the kid I know a gift and skip the party and have a playdate? lol
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