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Re: Annoyed at church member regarding her statement to me on BFing....Advice?

Originally Posted by Michelle_M View Post
I believe she is in her mid fifties. She has one daughter that I THINK is a little younger than me. She is a Sunday School teacher, as is her husband. I'm not sure how long she's been a teacher.. we have been at that church for almost 3 years and they were both teachers when we started going there.

She knows that BFing is best (she's an RN actually), she just said that in the church sanctuary is not the "time or the place." I've decided to ignore her. I'll get an actual cover, or I'll nurse in my ring sling, if she says anything else I'll simply say "Look, I heard your "suggestion," but I am not going to leave service to nurse when I am being appropriately modest. I don't want to discuss it anymore."

God bless!
Sounds like a good solution. There's really probably no point in doing much else. If she continues to make an issue, I'd approach the pastor then, but I don't think I'd worry about it if it's one comment one time, KWIM?
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