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Re: Double Birthday Parties

Bring a gift for the kid you know.

If you are bored, look up my thread from here back in July about my family members deciding (without discussing it with me first) that when they came down to celebrate my DS's birthday, they were going to celebrate their DD's birthday at the same time. At my house. At my DS's birthday. To be fair, it was my mother and her sister who is GM to the other child who planned this. Not the childs parents. It was a MESS and I was very upset because I don't care for joint birthday parties and no one even asked about it. The party went off ok, but I had already invited other people (outside the family) and I know it was a little awkward for them. One backed out at the last minute, I don't know if her reason was valid or if she felt obligated to buy a second gift and couldn't afford it, etc.

As the PARENT though, I would not have expected people to buy for both kids since they didn't know the other child. And I felt really bad because I felt like I had to let my friends know that another kid was going to be there, so I made sure to mention that a gift for the other child was unnecessary and she would have plently of gifts from "her" side of the family.

Both kids were opening presents at the same time basically, (which was fine) so honestly no one would have even noticed that person A and B only bought for kid #2, YKWIM?

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