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Originally Posted by mibarra

Sounds like a good solution. There's really probably no point in doing much else. If she continues to make an issue, I'd approach the pastor then, but I don't think I'd worry about it if it's one comment one time, KWIM?
I agree with this. If it's one comment, one time, then handling it the way you said you'll handle it is appropriate. I always jump to "tell the pastor" bc my DH has been involved with ministry our whole marriage and I've had plenty of people try to use their position of leadership to push their personal opinion or agenda in ways that aren't appropriate or fair. :-) I'm probably a little too "tattle-tale" as a first response in my heart. I like your plan to keep covered (as you already were) and politely stand your ground.

((hugs)) and yay for nursing babies. :-) my youngest is 18 mos and already weaned. *sigh* I miss nursing!
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