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Re: Want to use cloth pads but need help. Anyone?

Where do you find cloth pads? They can be found here on DS, all over the internet, and in health food/natural stores.

How many do I need? I like to allow for 6 per day on heavy days but that is a generous estimate.

How much is the average pad? Maybe $5-10? but not totally sure on that.

Do they leak more than disposables? They leak less. In fact it is rare to have a leak at all.

Are there heavy flow/ overnight pads? Yes, there are both!

How do you care for and store the dirty pads? [I cloth diaper, so would they be washed with my diapers or separately?] I rinse mine out in the sink immediately after use and put them in an old ice cream bucket under the sink. Then I wash them with whatever is going in the washer next. You can wash them with diapers or with whatever.

Do they need to be prepped, as with my diapers? No but you do need to wash them before you wear them.

What detergent is best? Any.

How do you prevent stains? I rinse mine out immediately whenever possible.

What do you do with the dirty ones when out and about? Fold them up and put them in a waterproof bag. There are special bags for this called wetbag.
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