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Re: turn her back around?

Right, rotate the tether hook 1/2 twist to attach it in the Windstar models, and also in the Freestar minivan which replaced the Windstar in Ford's product lineup for the '04-07 model years.

'95-98 model year Windstars have factory equipped tether anchors in the second row only under the bottom of the seat in bench seating, and on the rear crossbar of the seat supports in bucket seating. The '95-98 models are retrofittable in the third row outboard spots using part YF2Z-15613D74-A in predrilled holes in the bottom of the seat cushion's rear cross member (for free through Ford Program R7C in the U.S.)

'99 and newer Windstars ('99-03 models) have tether anchors in all rear seating positions, with the same locations as the second row info. above for the '95-98 models, and the third row tether anchors are located on the bottom of the seat cushion.

The Windstar's newer replacement, the '04-07 Ford Freestar minivan, has top tether anchors in each second row position but the third row has a top tether only in the center position, and the tether anchors are located on the bottom rear of the seatback.

All Windstars and Freestars also have a tether anchor on the front passenger seat if it's a manually adjustable seat, but not if it's a power adjustable front passenger seat.
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