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Originally Posted by gigismomma
My favorite newborn diapers are diaper drive thru fitteds......they are similar to muttaqin but have two snaps on the front, which gives a better fit in my opinion. For a baby that size, go straight to the size XS (I have both XXS and XS, but my babies are born right at 7 lbs). I discovered them with my second daughter and bought even more for DD3 (1 month old now) -- and we have yet to have a leak or blowout!
I looked for these online just now. ADORABLE prints. :-) do they come in plain white? Or just the adorable prints? I can see keeping a few nice printed ones at home for when we have a coverless/breathable time. And I really like the design. I'm looking for something with the same sort of design but plain white or off white so they're a little cheaper, and so I don't feel silly covering it! Lol!
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