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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken! <3 October <3

Originally Posted by Geckmumto3 View Post
LOL That's why we call them the Lizzies. We have the Lizzies, the Florences and the Violets. Then we have individuals-- Clementine, Beauty, Goldie, Glitter and Fred (named by a 3 yo ).
William named our roo Booboo chicken because that's Donald ducks roos name. William's 3 as well, lol.
Our kids were also surprisingly ok with Roo. We had been speaking to our DD about it for a while because she LOVED him. He let her carry him around like a baby. I won't ever let my kids get attached to a rooster again. But, they were ok. She knew that it was coming, and the boys were scared of him, so it was ok. Unfortunately, it happened while she was at a birthday party (we didn't 100% plan on it happening at that moment.... ), so that part was wrong, but I would not have let them watch the act itself, anyway.

Ironically, I had another chicken defrosted in the sink for dinner already. When I pulled it out of the oven, my four year old did a double take, looked at it for a moment, and said, "Who is that??"

We too had roo for dinner. The boys both asked who it was. Then Cayden wanted to know who's leg he had at the table. I roasted the 2 bantams. I took a pic of how lovely they looked in the pan, haha. All garnished up with veggies. It was another free meal pic. I've been toying with that lately. Dork, I know.
Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
@ "who is that".

Sorry y'all are having to butcher your roos, but yay for fresh yummy chicken in the freezer!
The bantams were great, but very tough and sorta gamey.
Stupid Fred might find himself there as well if he doesn't start fulfilling some of my requirements of him. For one, he's not fertilizing all the girls! He's only mating the four oldest, the BSLs and the RIRs. None of which I have any interest in breeding. Both his sisters have been of mating (and one is laying) age for a month and he hasn't even attempted to mate them. The littlest girls aren't so little anymore. They are 18weeks now and should be laying within the month. He should be attempting mating them as well.
Oh no! Dang thing. I wished he would have changed for the better. I'd deff process him Liz. What's the point of a roo if you can't even let the darn guy outa the pen. Stinks!
He's also still on edge with the boys, stalking them along the fence if they are outside. We haven't allowed them in with him but it appears not much has changed. I've been toying with the idea of a new roo. :/

Other than that, still no egg from Greta the 26 week old EE!!! 26!!!!!!!!!!! She's pretty but not pretty enough to keep if all she's going to do is scarf feed and be weird and skittish.
What is that girls deal. Seriously though, I have some around 8 months old not laying. I think it's one of the rir's and the rsl. Errrr.
So I've mentioned a few times that I have had trouble with the young girls trying to roost on/in the nest boxes at night. I tried for probably a month to discourage them by covering the boxes and then just kicking them off every night but they're either too stupid or too stubborn to knock it off so I took out the bucket nests and the board they were on and put rubbermaid tub boxes under the roosts. This managed two things, it opened up more roosting space so that the two groups of girls could again force the great divide between them like they prefer () and it got the nest boxes lower so that they wouldn't be tempting. My issues with it are that I don't have any area in my coop thats NOT under a roost the way it's set up and that means I have to sweep poop off the top of the tubs every morning and the girls have to hop down from the roost to the floor to get to the nests. I don't love it but at least they're roosting where they are supposed to and the eggs are clean. I'd feel better about them hopping down if I could put bedding down there but they poop so much of the floor up and I worry about ammonia and yuckies. If your girls poop directly into hay how do you keep that clean? And how is the smell in your coop? I hate for them to walk in their poo so I clean it daily sometimes 2x.
My boxed are cut buckets and I really love them. I thought a good idea would be to screw them to the wall! I want to, but with my setup, I couldn't reach inside without looking. Sankes? Eak. Terrifies me, just the thought of grabbing one. Or even a feild mouse, which we have both terribly. Hence getting Daisey May the kitty.

I'm getting the mulch next week when my check comes I think. The hay has just been more than terrible. it get's matted down with poo super fast! I HATE cleaning it out! The ammonia isn't bad, really. I have beyong superior ventilation in that thing. As you know, it's off the ground with the floor half open. Then we have more ventilation in the truss area. Can NOT wait for chips! I clean once a week. It's hopeless to try and keep up, really it is. I have way too many for it.
So Sadie's not liking the new boxes at all. She's laid her egg on the run twice now. I hope she gets better about it because there's not much I can do to remedy the situation. I liked the bucket nests better too, but if I can't keep the little girls from roosting on them they can't stay.

Night temps have fallen to the 60's, I've started thinking about winterizing. Like I said, straw in the coop is a consideration. Not sure just yet. I've found my heat light BULB but not the fixture? I swear dh borrowed it but he denies it fully. Still looking. What wattage are you ladies going to use? Mine's 250 degrees but I'm not sure my big fat fluffies are going to need that much warmth. LOL I'd planned on having it set up just for nights when the temps get down to freezing. I also need to rig up a water warmer like the one I bookmarked here:

What are you all doing to get ready?
Believe this or not, we had 37 deg the week before last! I even got a heavy frost that froze my winshield solid. the tops of the houses looked like it had snowed! Way too early! This year has been a wild ride. :/

Now it's back in the 50's and low 60's. I do need to winterise the coop asap! I read that that super thick cardboard works great to insulate tempirarily. We also have to put the hinges on the plywood that covers the cutout in the floor of the coop whare I walk up and put it back. The front window/door has to be done too. We are going to only put up 2 lamps. I'm only planning on 60 watts. My research showed that winter gives the girls a needed break from heavy laying. Also, each chicken puts off around 10 watts of heat each. Mine huddle on both sides of the coop on the roosts so we need 2. I hope to only need it nights. We do get some seriously cold days. The other thing is to put very thick layers of the mulch in the coop and below, also to remove the rest of the metal sheeting from the roof of the run to let mor sun in. I also worry the snow would colaps it. I've seen some portched brought down. I'm really thinking i need to get started on a waterer warmer as well. Just not sure how it will work for us yet. Something simular to what you had linked. More power hookups. I need a better option. My waterer will deff freeze and it's not possible to just break the ice. I once left water overnight in the shed washing machine. That thing was SOLID! It can be bitter cold here. Crossville isn't that far away and we are always 4 deg colder. It's because of how Pleasant Hill is situated. I believe we are west faceing slope here on the plataeu. Even though we are on the top, it's still really mountianous. (sp?) Lordy I'm tired!

Oh Liz, how old are the small girls roosting on the buckets? My two littlest just stopped on their own resently. About time!
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