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Re: Poll: First Children - TV and Speech

Originally Posted by crunch!910 View Post
I would personally think families that watched LESS TV would have more vocal/verbal children. And here's my logic: when we have the TV on, we're all sitting silently in the room watching the TV in a trance. When we turn the TV, we are forced to play together, interact with one another, and speak to one another.
I think you're bang on with that. The studies I've seen say families that watch tv talk less to their infants/toddlers, which leads to slower language acquisition. In a case like mine though, I'm not watching tv, I'm tidying, cooking, sewing, or whatever and chattering at dd the whole time. The only time she actually tunes in and watches the tv is during breakfast (she eats in front of the tv while I get ready for work), and for an hour or so during the day with her dad as quiet time. And when they watch tv together they talk about it, dh asks questions etc.
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