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Re: Help me fix my 2 yr w/ sleeping issues

We have a 2 year old JUST like that She slept great until she was 6 months old, and ever since then it is like having a newborn in the house! We make sure her room is dark and she is comfortable temperature wise. She sleeps better if she is warm, like really warm. And, we use a noise machine with white noise. She will ask us for it before naps and bed! We also got the The Good Nite Lite and that has helped tremendously! If the moon is on she knows it is time to go to bed. She knows that if she wakes up and her moon is still on, she has to lay in bed quietly until the "sun wakes up." (you set the time for the moon to come on, when it is ok for them to wake up the sun will turn on) It took a few weeks for her to really get it, but now we are doing good! She still wakes us up if she needs to go potty or if she is hungry, but otherwise she sleeps and we sleep! Good luck. I totally understand how frustrating and exhausting it is!
eta: we also got room darkening shades. In the summer, she would be up before 5 am because the sun would be rising. It was AWFUL! Now it's just dark in her room and she has no idea what the sun (the real sun ) is doing so she can't tell us that it is time to wake up because it is light outside!
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