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Originally Posted by doodah
Do the kids have to take a bath EVERY night?

also, I agree that figuring out the dinner issue will be a huge help. what is DH doing while you are running around all evening?
DH is often working late. If not, he's usually doing the tidy up/prep for tomorrow stuff. Even on a good day (like today) he's not home until 6:45.

I don't necessarily do a bath every night, but they both tend to settle down for bed better if they have one. Sometimes I just toss them in the tub together for a play bath.

I did do some freezer meals before I started back up at work, but unfortunately they haven't gone over too well with the kids. They apparently cried at daycare when she tried to feed them the mini lasagna I made for them .

I'm definitely trying hard to figure out the meal thing. I think part of my problem is that DS is such a picky eater that I'm trying to find something he'll eat that isn't just pasta. Tonight went a little more smoothly than normal, but I was off work today so I was coming from a much calmer place than normal, and I was able to start dinner a little earlier.
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