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Re: On my way to the ER...

DDC- 2 days? That's nothing! Look, ED docs dont' know much about pregnancy and they don't know much about reading early ultrasounds. They know enough to say "This is intrauterine", but they are pretty clueless when it comes to anything else.

Let me tell you a story. With this pregnancy, I had a beta come back with less than doubling. I forget how far along I was- maybe 6-7 weeks? I started having pain in my RLQ. I went to the ED. They did an ultrasound. Told me that they didn't see anything other than a gestational sac and it was smaller than it should have been by more than a week. No fetal pole. No yolk sac. No cardiac movement. Nothing. They took ANOTHER beta in the ED which came back LOWER than my second beta at the doctors office. They told me that the two combined with 1) nothing really seen in the gestational sac and it measuring so much less than it was supposed to and 2) my betas not only not doubling, but then the small decrease, that I would very likely miscarry. I was just waiting to bleed at that point.

So, I never bled. Walked around for two weeks thinking whatever was in my uterus was done. Went in for blood work and ultrasound at my doctors office at 8 weeks gestation. Lo and behold, for the ultrasound- There was a baby! Not only that, but that baby was measuring right on target for my LMP! It looked great. I was absolutely amazed. That baby is now kicking me super hard as I type this. I asked, what was the deal with the ED ultrasound? They had no idea. What was the deal with my betas? They didn't know.

Anyway, all of that to say that I wouldn't trust the ED doc in the first place. Trust your OB. Anything could happen. Besides, 2 days is nothing! Nowhere near freak out yet.
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