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Re: Poll: First Children - TV and Speech

Originally Posted by crunch!910 View Post
I would personally think families that watched LESS TV would have more vocal/verbal children. And here's my logic: when we have the TV on, we're all sitting silently in the room watching the TV in a trance. When we turn the TV, we are forced to play together, interact with one another, and speak to one another.
not necessarly.. We are a their is ussually a TV radio ect somewhere in the hosue on family and its a small house so not like in soem far of out of site room. Its ALWAYS been like this I tried to limit it at times and frankly it is not us. As a result they are never trance TV watchers they play together ALL the time they use imgination (not just replaying cartoon stuff). We do visit homes where the parents limit the TV and yea I see that trance thing its jsut not that way here. I'm not saying BTW that I'm saying yea everyone leave it on all day but that sometimes when the idea that wait I must sit and stare cause I only get 30 mintues or whatever sometiems disappears when that issue is removed. Personally I would be turning it off much more if I did see that all my kids did were siting and watching TV...

Now the computer that is a whole other issue with my 9 year old who would just sit and stare all day if we didn't limit it so yea gotta know your kids and your own comfort levels.
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