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Re: Poll: First Children - TV and Speech

I just read your original OP and my son is nearing a year and just talking. Not really fit for answering the poll. BUT, I will answer according to my brother and I because I was just discussing this with my mom.

I was not permitted to watch TV except for sporting events while my dad was watching. It was never on otherwise. I talked "on time" and my first words were geared towards things my mom said to me a lot and asking about things ("zat" for "that?" and "zis" for "this?" for what questions) and then basically like you said your daughter would do. My relatives came to visit when I was 15 months old and had the TV on the entire time and my mom says I started to speak complicated sentences. She thinks it was TV exposure, primed by the speech I already had. Nothing else had changed, I had always been around adult conversations.

With my brother - allowed to watch sports stuff with dad, but also watched some TV with me because I am 2.5 years older and by then was allowed to watch 15 minutes per day. Mostly Care Bears. At 13 months my brother said "Where's the puck?" while watching hockey with my dad, which were his first words let alone a sentence, and then began speaking in sentences. He was also obsessed with sharing - like he focused most play on dolls sharing, etc. She really thinks it is TV (and the Care Bears).

Anecdotal, true and true. But I am letting my kid watch a little TV He likes Colin Cowherd in the mornings on ESPN. No clue why.
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