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I'm not sure about a 9mo since my LO is not quite 5mos. But, I suggest offering the potty every 20 minutes to start and adjust from there. Offer more frequently first thing in the morning and after long naps. You might find that you get cues when holding him, but if he set down then he goes with no warning. Expect him to refuse the potty when tired and cranky, even if he has to go (mine does).

It is up to you if you want to use diapers as backup or go diaperless. As long as you can tell right away when he pees then you can try to observe cues. I did diapers at first, but I don't think diapers are very comfortable so now I do undies or inside-out pants (so the seams don't rub LO). You might consider a prefold belt. If you go diaper less, you will want lots of prefolds around!

It is wonderful of you to try EC! Good luck funding your groove.

ETA I reread your post and you are already doing diaperless. Great

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