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Originally Posted by simplyleah87
OK a little back story, my last birth experience was pretty good, I had an epi in a hospital but I was induced a week early due to pre eclampsia.

The birth was great but the healing was HORRIBLE.

Now I'm not pregnant at the moment but we have been talking a lot about our next baby which leads me to thinking if I'll want a different birthing plan this time. Water birth is the only other thing I would probably consider.

do you feel a lot of pain during a water birth? what's the healing like afterward?
do they let you go way past your due date so you don't have to be medically induced? (I really hated being induced)
As with any natural labor, yes there is pain. Plan for pain. It is manageable. No one dies from the pain. Is it scary? The unknown? Yes. But is it worth it? Yes.

I healed 10x fast than my epi birth. Partly because my body pushed when IT needed to. Not when a nurse told me to.

I will go to 42 weeks unless there are any
Medical concerns.
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