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Originally Posted by rkw
My only life saver working full-time is my crock pot. My son is 3 and still will not always eat what we do for dinner. The crock pot is wonderful. Throw it in in the morning and done when you get home which means no waiting around to cook something. Another life saver is flylady schedule. ( You do things in incriments of 15 minutes and have a routine so the weekend is not spend doing all of the cleaning and errands. You get to enjoy the weekend. I do not always follow the schedule to the letter but try to get some things on it. It is not easy to balance but it can be done. Does your husband help with errands and housework? There is nothing wrong with him helping even laundry. My husband is a lifesaver when it comes to helping around the house, granted asking him to cook is not great but he grills very well.
Would a crock pot work if we're gone 11 hours a day? I only have a basic one.

I tried flylady back in the day, maybe I should try it again. Thanks for the reminder.

DH does do a lot around the house when he's home, it just depends on when he gets home. He also generally does the bigger jobs or gross jobs like revamping the garden or cleaning the kitty litter.
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