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3-6mo girl set, large shorties

Wow - talk about having the odds and ends left.

First a cute set. Pants 15"rise, waist 15" unstretched (elastic - maybe to 20?), 7 3/4 inseam - right about what you would expect from a 3-6mo size. Wool on pants is soft and crotch has diamond shape insert.

Jacket 3-6mo

Both for $14ppd or $9 plus ship out of US or with something else.

SOLD Super huge longies. These were made for DS but not worn. Right when I started worrying about needing super bulletproof for nighttime he got alot more reliable with staying dry and didn't grow into them to use them. I would guess them to be about 4T. 15"inseam, 21.5"rise 16"waist (stretch to 22). These were made from an Abercrombie and Fitch sweater. They are super bulky. There is an entire second layer of wool on the inside (see pictures). There were lots of patched holes in the sweater (why my husband let me have it!). There are also pockets. Mainly b/c that is the second layer for that area and also b/c DS liked pockets. $8 plus ship out of US or with something else. $11ppd.



double layers

Blue/green acrylic (got in a trade, didn't use but the momma they were from said I could use them over dipes). $4 +ship out of US or w/something else or $7ppd. 18" waist at rest (could tighten with cord or stretch to 22?), 3 1/4" inseam, 21" rise

Red - nice soft wool. 20" waist can be adjusted elastic not sewn yet just held with pin. I can do it before I mail it. 2 3/4" inseam 18" rise. $4+ship out of US or w/something else or $7ppd.

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