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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken! <3 October <3

I know, I'm torn and I keep waiting to see if he'll get better because I'd hate to cull him based on immaturity. We'll see.

The nest roosting mob is a collective 18 weeks old now. I was so tired of booting them off, they may have quit eventually but somehow I doubt it. They're brats that way. LOL

I never even thought about what might happen in a washer! The lowest I have ever seen here is one morning that I had to open the store at 430am when I was bookkeeping. It was 15 degrees out... my fingers hurt by the time I'd walked across the parking lot! I don't envy you all your cold winters. 30 degrees is the average low for winter here.

I meant to get a picture of the new boxes today and forgot. I need some thoughts on the litter thing too. When you see the coop you'll understand why I'm unsure. Mine is more like a stall than a solid build as snowfall is infrequent and does not stand for long here.

other odd things.. had to trim Rudy's beak tonight. She'd slacked off on beak sharpening when she was wearing her peepers. I think the side to side motion must have hit the nose piece. So her beak had forked a little bit. I'm going to regret saying it (knocking on wood NOW) she has not pulled any feathers since it fell off three weeks ago. I feel badly that one of the kids noticed before I did though.
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