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Re: SAHParent/Homemaker weekly chat thread 10/1-10/6

Originally Posted by madebymommy View Post
We are not having a good day today Despite the fact that I had a tubal 15 months ago, I got a few BFPs the other day. I told DH and while I was upset, he was excited and I was starting to come around... And then had some bad cramping and bleeding starting last night nobody even knows other than the two of us so it feels good to get it out, here. Very sad DH is trying to leave work to come home but with no luck, so I'm laying low and trying to wrangle the 1 and 2 year old from the couch.
So sorry Momma.

Originally Posted by keysersoze View Post
so sorry for your loss.

our house is also somber, as we found out over the weekend that our most recent round of ivf didn't work, and that insurance won't cover another round, so we're trying to plan out the $$$ aspect for one final round, since we absolutely cannot conceive without it (and we would totally have as many kids as nature intended if we could conceive naturally). and then, we had to spend a good chunk of the weekend with my brother and his wife who is due in 3 weeks, which is really hard right now. we found out they were expecting (a surprise to them, I think) during our first round of ivf, and here we are months and months later without a pregnancy, and only one shot left (cause we can't afford more than one round).

I have some serious fall cleaning to do this week, as my sister and her soon-to-be fiance are coming to visit this weekend, so I need to get the house ready. plus, our holiday of Sukkot started today, and I still have to get our sukkah finished, the budget isn't done for October, and we are behind where I was hoping we would be with homeschooling, so I need to readjust the plans. all in all, I feel behind the 8 ball and pretty grumpy about it.
We found out I ovulate once a year and so the chances of concieving are next to none without meds. I go friday for some test results to officially confirm this and to start my first round. Many hugs your way Daddy.
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