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Re: *Autumn gardening chat * Oct-Nov 2012

Liz- plant some in a pot for indoors, see if they crossed. I read that they certianly can cross and contaminate the seeds, like bitter mixed mellons from the seeds. I havn't had it happen, but i planted it all together this year too. Hopeing for the best.

AFM- The garden is loaded with a fall crop. The broc is kicking booty, but the greens and root plants an't happy. I honestly don't know if anything will even make it? We got a 37 deg heavy frost a cpl weeks back. Now we're back into the 50's and some low 60's. With what the trees are doing around us, I too forsee a rough winter. Tons of the seeds I planted for indoors have come up nicely. I have a sucpission they are from the composted soil I used and not really the ones I planted, haha! Ow well! I tried to pick the best for indoors though. I also have some transplants doing well in the pots too. Those will be coming in soon. The little squash/zuc? plant is still small, but putting off buds! Er. Thinking about snipping them off so the plant will get larger. Anyone think it would work?

Oh Liz-I like the idea of doing a 2 month thread for fall and then winter. We should all make a list of what seeds we have and what we need. I like lists and the thought of seeing what I have/need typed out. Warning though, I really am a seed hoarder! I have a whole bottom cabinett packed.

I scoared last month at our $1 store with some simple seeds! .05 cents a pack! Cleared out the buggy! They had catnip starter kits for .30 cents. I got all that was left. I'll also use the mimi-greenhouses for other seeds. I'm trying to save up containers like this. Kinda like pie dished with the clear lid. I found it was the best way for me to get a better germ rate!
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