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Re: Large amounts of amniotic fluid

I've been borderline with it with 2 pg and had it with one. I don't have GD but do have hypoglycemia. They said it's a side effect and just keep an eye on me. Only bad thing about having it, you don't dilate well if the baby can't drop his/her head. I was contracting for 3 weeks with my last and it wasn't under they broke my water that I finally dilated. (had her 45 minutes after the water was broken).

As long as they are monitoring you with u/s, try not to google it too much. All three of mine were fine and had no defects. It was definitely a side effect of my low sugar issues. I'm guessing with this one I have it also. I find out next week but I won't doubt it. Only good thing about it, if you are breech, the baby will turn clear up until delivery since he/she has more room
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