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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken! <3 October <3

We don't really winterize our coop. But, our coop is inside a barn. We built it into an old horse stall. The only area we need to winterize is one side which is open air (wire) for the warm weather. It opens into the barn itself, but we do put wood and insulators on that wall to cut drafts. Otherwise, we do thick litter (which holds the warmth) and ensure it is draft free. We close the pop door at night in the winter (in the summer it stays open overnight, as it opens into a secure run).

We do not heat the coop because I have read that you have to be careful with condensation. If there is condensation in the coop from changing temps chances of frostbite are higher, from my understanding.

Oh, the other thing I have read about, too, is watching the size of your roosts. If your temps get very low, your roosts need to be big enough that the birds are sitting more on their feet, vs feet wrapped around the roost. I guess when they are fluffed up, roosting on their feet, their feet are protected from frostbite. But, if their feet are wrapped around a thinner roost, they can get frostbitten toes.
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