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Good substitute for pre-natal??

I ordered my pre-natal vitamin from Amazon over a week ago. Normally it would be here by now. In fact in the original estimate of when I would get it, I should have it by now. However I haven't received it and Amazon says it hasn't shipped yet but is shipping "soon" (got stuck in a glitch in their system). I am afraid to go out and get another prenatal as I had to clear this prenatal with 3 doctors to let me use it. I have one more vitamin then I am out. Odds are I will not get this prenatal on Thursday I am figuring (though I could be wrong, as I do live in NJ and things tend to come through here fast if they are anywhere east of the Mississippi) I will not get it by then.

What would you do? Go without? I am not going to be cycling till November (transfer of Nov.6 to November 13) so I am on an off cycle. I am even getting a PET scan on the 15 so I am REALLY on an off cycle.

If you wouldn't go without, what would you do?

Thank you for your help!
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