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Re: Nursing and libido

Originally Posted by yogamama28 View Post
My dd is 8 mo old and still nursing... Is it possible that nursing her is causing me to have decreased libido?
Yup - it is the progesterone and lack of estrogen. If you are lucky enough to get your cycles back while nursing, then you might at least be frisky sometimes. We have not DTD in the nearly 6 months DS4 has been here. I simply have no interest at all.

Originally Posted by Bhavana View Post
I weaned DS2 3mos ago...and I can tell you Im so relaxed while we are at it. When I was still nusrsing, DTD felt like a chore, it didnt even feel right since I felt like breasts were made to nurse little babies and sex was the farthest from it. DH understood that and didnt resent me for it. So we had it rather infrequently for 1.6yrs!

Also, I found that you just arent as well lubed down amount of foreplay would help arousal. So, I 'helped' him often till I finished nursing. FWIW, AF appeared after I weaned -with both boys. Around 18mos each time. Maybe ovulation has a connection to feeling kinky?
Yes it does. Estrogen makes us want to DTD and makes us ovulate a mature egg. So when you are ready to 'o', you would want to DTD more than any other time.
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