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Re: Lost toy at sitter's house, advice?

Originally Posted by monkeymama07 View Post
Id stock it as a loss as much as it sucks

My rule is - your kids bring toys at your own risk. But ALL my daycare kids are boys and I have a boy of my own and my roommate has two boys. So alot of the same toys and Im not going to keep track.

Would I look for a toy a kid lost sure... but Im not going to lose sleep over it. I dont know about her house but I have - a train table with 60 or 70 trains, along with a fully stocked playroom so it may not be that "easy" not to mention there are like 50 bins of toys on shelves it could be anywhere :/

In a way she did help you stayed 20 minutes looking for it. If her house isnt a disaster that means you looked all the obvious spots so it must be somewhere random and if she has little kids they may have done it even it happens.

Ive found toys in really weird spots.
This. I am sorry your DS has lost his train. I always tell my kids not to bring anything anywhere if they aren't ok with losing it. It's hard, but things get lost.
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