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Re: *Autumn gardening chat * Oct-Nov 2012

ok, i'm copying this over from the september thread cause i think i posted it at the same time this one was created i think it's a good idea to combine some months in the thread now, cause yea, even though some of us will be growing stuff indoors, there just isn't as much to talk about

ok so, i just hit the jackpot this weekend (ok well i think so....) i realize a lot of you have chickens and such, so this is probably not a big deal. but, since i haven't had a chance to get a good compost pile going yet, and don't have livestock (never happening, i'm having a hard time convincing dh that a pile of "garbage" in the backyard is actually an awesome thing for our garden...) i've been stuck buying soil amendments like compost from home depot up until now. BUT, it occurred to me this weekend to ask the farmer we buy our milk and eggs from if they ever have any. and she said i could come and take as much as i want for free! yea! they have both fresh manure, and manure that's been composted a couple years. i'm thinking i want the composted manure. i don't know how long it takes, but i'd like it to be ready for my garden in the spring (and maybe add some before i put in my garlic in a couple weeks here). also, i live in the 'burbs. my neighbors would probably not appreciate fresh cow and chicken manure stewing just a few feet from their own backyards

but tell me, when is the best time to do this? should i get a bunch now and work it in and then let it set for the winter? i also plan to put all our leaves and fall garden waste in the garden and then till it in in the spring. or, should i do the leaves/garden waste thing only, and add the manure in the spring? thoughts? i prefer to stay organic, and don't buy chemical fertilizer, but to be honest, i've always just sort of haphazardly thrown some bags of store bought compost on the garden before planting. but i think if i was a little more intentional in my fertilizing, i would have better results. what do you all think?
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