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Yes, it's a loss. You just gotta move on.

As he gets older he's less likely to keep an iron grip on them and set them down to get a drink, use the potty, look at something else. They will get lost. Never ever ever leave the house with something that could get lost and counts as a

My friends son brings something Everytime he comes here. He's 6. Annoys me like crazy. He will bring the finest trinkets from one of those $.50 machines, lose it and then ask me about it for months. I do look for it but beyond the initial look thru theres not much I am going to do.

I would return it when it turned up. That's likely weeks, not days.

Now if it was a blanket or larger you, maybe. But I have a tons of toys. I'm not dumping 20 bins to look for a tiny spider. Kwim?

So it's a lesson and loss. Sadly. But no ones fault. I would still use the sitter for sure.
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